Non-Traditional Pathways to Parenthood

The researchers are looking for participants who are Irish residents or Irish citizens living abroad who have children, have tried to have children or are intending to have children using donor-conception, surrogacy, or adoption (in Ireland or abroad).

Parents whose status became recognised with the commencement of the Child and Family Relationships Act in 2020 are also invited to take part in this study.



Project Overview

A growing number of families in Ireland are impacted by a lack of legal recognition of the relationship between parents and their children, yet there has been little research into the social, legal and personal issues that arise from this.

Through an online survey and interviews with affected parents, this study will document the experiences of Irish families formed using donor-conception, surrogacy and adoption, pathways to parenthood which mostly remain legally unrecognised. This includes opposite-sex couples, same-sex couples and individual parents who may or may not be legally recognised as parents to their children.

It is hoped that this study will contribute to a better understanding of the current issues facing families, in addition to informing advocacy with respect to the content of the forthcoming Assisted Human Reproduction Bill. (See the research aims here.)

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